the agenda

We are a trend agency for Ready to Wear / Prêt à Porter fashion & lifestyle brands.

The online platform of RTWmag is our take on the latest evolutions, reinventions and disruptions in the fashion, lifestyle, and luxury industry.

Our team of fashion professionals consists of artistic directors, sourcing specialists, stylists and designers who are constantly travelling and seeking out the emerging trends. With a diverse array of skills, experiences and nationalities enriching our expertise.

what we do

Collaborative Consulting

We help brands identify profitable trend, consumer, and market opportunities. We collaborate with you to apply trends correctly to create best-selling products and engaging communications.

Curated Trend Collections

We help you create concisely edited seasonal collections focused on the trends for the upcoming buying season. With the increasingly rapid rhythm of the fashion industry, keeping ahead of upcoming trends is more than ever a decisive factor in the performance of retailers and producers.

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connecting dots…

We love brands who want to have a positive impact in the world and excite their customers with less but better products.

If that’s you, contact us and let’s chat about how we can help you elevate your range and get your message out there.