ethics we strive for and TrendLAB strive to create, curate, and deliver high quality news and analysis our audience expects from us. Our core principle is to provide resourceful information and connect the fashion industry, round the world.

Editorial Independence and Balanced reporting without personal bias, has always been our guideline to follow. The content on our site comes from industry inputs we receive directly from our sources and our writers always attribute and give content credit as well as media credit to the sources in all our content.

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We like receiving Press and PR information, so you are always welcome to send us your press releases and media assets with accurate credit inputs. Invitations to press events, local and industry conventions are welcomed too, however we always ensure that our coverage and final published content always presents our independent viewpoint and never an influenced review and that no conflict of interest occurs.

We do travel for the purposes of editorial coverage. In case such trips are facilitated, we will always disclose this information and we will always be transparent to help our audience understand how we do our work. Any other form of content is strictly categorised as Sponsored content or Advertisement.

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We like to work closely with companies, public relations & advertisers/marketers and sponsors whose content, products and services will be of interest to our community. We also work on such tailored sponsored content programs to provide sponsorship opportunities on website on a regular basis.

We expect our commercial partners to both understand and accept the commercial nature of this relationship. We like to work with people who are fair in such commercial transactions and who respect our Ethics Policy and Payment Policy.

Our Ethics Policy guidelines for the two most common types of content created via RTWmag are: Fashion Journalism and Content Marketing. We endorse and uphold the journalistic standards set forth by the Society of Professional Journalists

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We must remain dedicated to delivering exceptional original content without compromising on design. This principle defines us. We always want to deliver results—for our stakeholders, our community, and our culture, keeping these two principles in mind.

We are always open to Syndications, Collaborations and Commercial partnerships. To request our media kit and learn about advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us on