With unprecedented honesty and depth, RTWmag.com dives into and reports the latest evolutions, reinventions and disruptions in the fashion, lifestyle, and luxury industry. As a response to global consumer behaviour and trending cults that govern our industry, the magazine steps away from the conventional editorials and focuses instead on pure reporting. The serious fashion readers are given a truthful insight into today’s creative industries.

In 2011, RTW was launched as a print magazine and over the years, we have evolved as RTWmag.com. We are recognised by the global fashion industry for our B2B fashion reportage, trends and analysis on Ready to Wear from Round the World.


TrendLab focuses on fashion and luxury retail consulting, based in India and Europe. We work alongside luxury brands and retailers on tailored, creative solutions and strategies that drive retail transformation and growth.

Founded by Annou Iyer , TrendLab works with senior fashion professionals with direct experience in media communications, design strategy, product development and operations in the field of fashion, textiles, and design.

With our proximity to the key markets, we have a strong network of brands, retailers, and sales showrooms. This allows us to offer tailored, creative trend analysis and product strategies that drive retail transformation and growth, whilst also managing the operational aspects.

With our fashion solution services of Creatives, Consulting, Sourcing as well as Product and Private Label Development business, we fill the gaps that are present for clients dealing in Fashion & Design. 

TrendLAB’s aim is to break the habit of a traditional Publishing or Creative Design Set-up and offer more targeted tools. Our Technical Content is meant for Fashion Educational Institutes, Students, Style and Design Business Operators, Designers, Merchandisers, Creative Directors, Buyers, Clothing Companies, Producers and Brand Builders. And especially those companies who are breaking out into international and domestic market, including both offline & online retail.

We therefore represent Trend Application methods for all fashion professionals who are in search of new products and creative tips


  • Market Intelligence
  • Trend Application
  • Tech Pack Development
  • Season & Line Planning
  • Product Development


  • Sampling Collections
  • Brand Development

our core values

strong relationships

with a wide network of brands, retailers, and suppliers around the world

we are fluent   

in both creative and commercial ‘languages’ in order to optimize productivity

focus on growth

working closely alongside brands with strategies that help improve performance.

our keystone

keeping an independent eye on the fashion & retail markets across the globe