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Contributing Content

Ready to show us your writing, photography or video content?

Come, be a part of our Content Contribution Program as Influencers, Experts, and Innovators !  Part of our mission is to provide fashion professionals like yourself, the ability to promote your expertise by becoming a thought leader, sharing well rounded perspectives. Content contribution is a win-win situation to enhance and shape perceptions in the global fashion marketplace.

Expand your outreach. Content published through our contributor program is shared with our international fashion database and community of 190,000-plus members (which is growing every day) and promoted across all social social feeds, which include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and our targeted email campaigns.

Promote yourself. Each of your published articles automatically reach your target audience, where potential clients, customers or mentees can choose to contact you directly. 

Promote your company. We allow one link to your company’s website in every article you create. Not only will this help drive traffic to your page, but it will also help you build your brand.

Help others. Our mission is to help people grow their fashion businesses. By sharing your general business perspectives, you can act as a mentor to others.

Improve your online presence. We will share our exclusive set of content guidelines based on proven techniques that will ensure your articles are optimized to attract as many readers as possible.

Result. Increased brand visibility, Raised perception of your brand quality, Higher regard for your business and brand as a Thought Leader and Influencer.


 To get a feel for our style of content check out the published works on our website.

Submission Guidelines

Include your name, title, company/affiliation, contact details, email address, website, social media accounts and location. Please do mention all credits for visuals or digital media content. All articles must be submitted as word documents. All videos and photographs must high resolution without watermarks and to be accompanied by a brief writeup on the subject and the context in an article format of at least 250 words.

To submit content ideas to our team, email Ms. Annou Iyer at with the subject line ‘Contribute’


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