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Firmenich collaborates with the color representation company, Pantone for the ninth consecutive year as one of their official “Sensory Partners”.

Nine fragrances are created and signed by nine different Perfumers to embody the values and emotions of Pantone’s two 2021 colours of the year: Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104), a mineral ash tone, and Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647), a bright and optimistic daffodil yellow.  Bringing together their unique creativity with Firmenich’s award-winning ingredients palette, from naturals and molecules, to biotech innovations, as well as patented technology to reinforce both hygiene and emotional benefits.



“Today, we are experiencing a moment of resilience, balanced with optimism for the future. The powerful combination of color and scent enables our customers to deliver much-needed comfort and strength to help consumers overcome stress,” said Ilaria Resta, President, Global Perfumery, Fermanich. “Grey, mineral-rich clay comforts us, boosting our steadfastness, while yellow, solar citrus warms us, bringing us hope for tomorrow.”


Pantone’s two 2021 colours of the year: Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104), a mineral ash tone, and Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647), a bright and optimistic daffodil yellow.


Grey Comfort

A modern, popular choice for home décor, Grey is present in our most private and secure spaces. 72% of consumers still plan to do more activities from home and 63% say they’re going to be traveling less. With understated elegance, gray provides us comfort and familiarity throughout our day. Three fragrances – Clean Slate, Claystone and Smoked Minerals – explore the olfactive concept of gray clay, with a blend of mineral notes. Ingredients such as cashmere woods help provide comfort to the blends.


Yellow Optimism

As 67% of consumers still expect the pandemic to last for a long time, the familiar feeling of the warmth from the yellow sun can provide comfort in hard times. Yellow represents a sparkling, uplifting fragrance. The three scents – Sunshower, Citrus Spirit and Golden Hour – deliver an experience full of energy, using the bright notes of solar citrus. Touches of musk add comfort to the blends.


Flavour of the Year

Working with the Firmenich Taste & Beyond team, Firmenich also developed three fragrances to represent the Flavours of the Year. As a super-root, Ginger is symbolic of strong, root toughness. As a super-fruit, Yuzu is symbolic of unfailing optimism. Corresponding fragrances include: Ginger Root, Ginger Yuzu Tea, and Shining Silence.


Ashley Balavoine (Perfumer at Firmenich), designs scents for the company and quotes: “We created fragrances that respond to consumer needs for security—safety, health and comfort. Consumers have been forced to face ideas they’ve never faced before, or perhaps taken for granted. We want to ground consumers, reinforce them, and also lift their spirits towards a better future.”


Pantone is a USA based Company and a provider of professional color language standards and digital solutions. Pantone selects and develops colour standards by analyzing trends and influences across a wide range of lifestyle areas including the entertainment industry, art, fashion, design, and travel destinations. Since 2000, Firmenich has nurtured a relationship with Pantone which allows us to stay ahead of emerging insights and bring the colors to life through flavors and fragrance.

Firmenich was founded in 1895 in Geneva, Switzerland, and for 125 years has been a private family-owned company. Firmenich is a leading business-to-business company operating primarily in the flavors and fragrances market, and is involved in the research, creation, manufacture and sale of perfumes, flavors and ingredients. 


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Image & Video Credits: Firmenich SA, Switzerland