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The Premium Group and its partner, Joor, the B2B wholesale platform, have together developed a digital marketplace showcasing a curated portfolio of brands compiled in partnership with the relevant retailers.

The first digital trade show launches on 14 July 2020: Premium+Seek Passport.


JOOR is an industry-standard digital wholesale platform for fashion, beauty and home, and together with Premium Group, both companies have announced that Joor’s platform will power the marquee upcoming summer fashion industry events, PREMIUM Berlin and SEEK.

The JOOR Passport digital platform is geared towards the current market conditions, where only limited travel is permitted, as well as towards the time after the pandemic when physical events will be able to take place again. The trade show experience is aiming to be a one-stop shop for users: one website, one app to search for and find suppliers, and one place to upload and access data and content – in short, one comprehensive digital experience. The digitalisation of business interactions represents a year-round marketplace where retailers can discover new styles and designers, and brands can generate new contacts.

For the summer trade show dates, the seasonal brand lookbooks curated by PREMIUM and SEEK can be uploaded to individual profiles and key looks can be presented in virtual showrooms. Buyers can find out the latest on style and trend stories on the PREMIUM+SEEK Passport homepage, which will also highlight key themes such as sustainability. This will enable retailers to continue to gain inspiration from brand worlds, to keep abreast of developments and discover new things.


Premium + Seek Shows




“We already had a digital component in place during our events in the shape of the PREMIUM GROUP app; over the past year this has also been successfully integrated into JOOR. The next logical step for us is to consolidate our digital offering with PREMIUM+SEEK Passport in order to offer our customers a seamless transition between online and offline. This transformation is more crucial than ever in light of the current circumstances. Digitalisation is a fantastic opportunity for brands and buyers to remain relevant and conduct international business,” says Anita Tillmann, Managing Partner of the Premium Group.

The digital PREMIUM+SEEK Passport event is due to take place from 14 July to October 2020 for the AW 2021/22 season  and using the mobile Passport app, retailers and brands can then exchange contacts on site, as well as make appointments and order directly. When physical events resume, JOOR will take an omni-channel approach. The Passport mobile app will allow brands and retailers to manage their connections and appointments and place orders at these events. Retailers can use the universal app for all shows. Data stored in the app will be carried from one event to the next to make planning and reconnecting easier.






Premium Group’s event portfolio includes the international fashion trade shows PREMIUM and SEEK as well as the FASHIONTECH conference. While, JOOR is an industry-standard wholesale platform for fashion, beauty and home, that transacts over $1.5Bn in GMV every month. More than 8,600 brands and over 200,000 curated retailers across 144 countries connect on the platform every day. With a commitment to fueling the advancement and growth of both brands and retailers, JOOR offers different tiers. JOOR Lite offers basic functionality for brands and retailers, whereas JOOR Pro provides advanced capabilities for greater flexibility, visibility, performance and analytics. JOOR is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Melbourne and Tokyo.


Cover Image: Streetwear Trends, Premium Show

Image & Video Credits: Premium Group, Germany