“Ecorotica”, is the chosen theme for the Fall/Winter 2020-21 Trends and Milano Unica has undoubtedly indicated an innovative direction for the creation of the new collections. 

The trends presentation event, which invited exhibitors, journalists, designers and fashion school students to enter into a sensual and engaging journey, focused on two highly topical subjects: Sustainability and Eroticism 

Combining two opposite universes, “Ecorotica” creates some interesting points on how the elements of Sustainability and Eroticism influences aesthetics, style and contemporary life.  

Stefano Fadda, who leads the Style Committee, explains that: “The theme of eroticism stems from the observation of the attitudes that social networks have sparked off on a global level -  the law of “like” imposes a need to show oneself and to appear in order to be approved and posted. In this general context of self-promotion and self-revelation, eroticism is seen as a tendency towards sensual attitudes, which also determines precise aesthetic choices.”

The trend story also underscores the importance of sustainability, and respect for the environment with a production chain that employs eco-friendly processes and does not overlook recycling. 

This commitment has been central to Milano Unica for some time, and this trend presentation found its concrete expression in a dedicated installation that focused a spotlight on the different aspects of a sustainable approach to textile production: from processes to materials, from recycling to regeneration, through the most efficient technological innovations, for fashion that is eco-friendly without giving up its seductive allure.   

Milano Unica is scheduled to take place in Milan - 9, 10, 11 July 2019

-          Annou Iyer