Milano Unica S/S 2019
2018-01-16 The S/S 2019 Insights and Trend Proposals by Milano Unica

Milano Unica in the presentation of Tendenze Spring/Summer 2019, proposes trends based on: Air, Water, Earth. a return to the basic elements of life on our planet 

A format conceived by Stefano Fadda and a committee of international experts in the sector, take the form of three “short stories”, whose main characters, each an icon representing one of the three core elements, experience surprising and fascinating adventures: "Jacques Cousteau and the mystery of Atlantis", "The Masai and the victory at Zabriskie Point” and "Nureyev and ballet in boreal space". 

These stories give rise to the core themes – Submarine Organic Neoclassicism, Minimalism and Tribal Purity and Hyperfuturistic Cyber Glam – that accompany the visitor through the colors, textiles, unusual combinations, recycled materials and audacious proposals that prefigure tomorrow’s fashion and where it will take us in its continual evolution, in step with the rhythm of the changing contemporary world. 

The three adventures are collected in the Trend Book, the complete guide to Tendenze S/S 2019, together with thematic ideas, suggestions and all the proposals that will inspire the coming collections.

-Annou Iyer


Milano Unica Trends F/W 2018-19
2017-07-04 An alliance between cinema production and fashion

Fashion and cinema have always had a deeply rooted relationship, feeding and inspiring one another. This is why for the next FW 2018/19 season, Milano Unica has decided to make reference to cinema production, choosing freely different works that share absolute value, citing world’s most prominent directors, the history of cinema, their works and re-propose them for their aesthetic value and inspirational level.

“The process proved more complex than a simple re-proposal, because different imaginative hypotheses of direction were taken into account, to create new visual and aesthetic emotions with amazing combinations of works and authors from different countries,” explained Stefano FaddaCreative Director.

As a result, four key themes emerged: Edonism and trumpism, The glamorous Agender, The performing Britishness and The extreme spiritual traveler.

The big screen serves as the point of departure for presenting these four themes that Milano Unica has identified for Fall/Winter 2018/19 , analyzing the link between cinema production and fashion and imagining unusual collaborations: four famous directors tried their hands at shooting movies and TV series made by other artists, yet close to them in terms of suggestions, similarities and intuitions.

THE EIGHTIES - like for instance, in the family saga of “Dynasty”, close – in some ways – to the way Americans imagine the Trump ideal, whose keywords are excess, ambition and luxury, much like the typical situations described by Paolo Sorrentino in “The Great Beauty”. In the fashion lexicon this translates into the opulence in the choice of the materials, baroque items winking at haute couturewithout renouncing an ironic nonchalance when the talk turns to the concept of luxury.

UNCONVENTIONAL - Glam pop combined with a transversal, agender and global style. Pedro Almodóvar becomes the director of “Victor Victoria”, so that all of its ironic and unconventional characters can extend a hand to those who lampoon around middle class respectability. The result is a collage of patchwork fabrics, unusual combinations, mixes and matches for an uncommon style.

HI-TECH – Aesthetics, speed, practicality. Stanley Kubrick meets Sherlock in his modern persona. The futuristic vision of the director of “2001: Space Odyssey” meets the classic British elegance, transforming it into a new concept where hi-tech pragmatism plays a central role.

THE JOURNEY - this is the theme of the vagabond spirit, the world hopper that combines Bernardo Bertolucci's “Little Buddha” with the language of Quentin Tarantino, the director of “Kill Bill” and “The Hateful Eight”. The world of oriental simplicity intertwines with the fast world of American culture to give rise to a new style for a globetrotter capable of surviving even in the most extreme conditions, while never neglecting his elegance.

An analogy between the art of cinematographic assembly for movie production and the accurate experimental alchemy of raw materials for fashion. 

The Fall/Winter 2018-2019 edition of Milano Unica, will take place from July 11-13, 2017, at RHO, Fieramilano in Milan, Italy.


Annou Iyer

2017-06-22 Pitti Immagine Uomo as a global reference point for Mens Fashion

The creative energy, stylistic innovations and overall quality of the proposals met with the favor of all the best national and international buyers at Pitti Immagine Uomo no. 92: the foreign figures confirm the excellent results recorded last June whilst there is a slight drop for Italy (due to the strikes in the transport sector) 19.400 buyers attended the trade show, over 30.000 visitors. 

The big international and Italian buyers confirm Pitti Immagine Uomo’s position as as a global reference point due to its lifestyle dimension and quality scouting, which aims to present the most interesting new ideas from the very best Italian and international companies that experiment with and innovate styles and materials. 

The variety of the collections and presentations, the international partnerships (see the Guest Nation Australia, Japan Fashion Week, Liberty projects) and the special events (the exhibition at Palazzo Pitti, the JW Anderson and Off-White catwalk shows, the accolades to the Italian designers Curradi and Alanui…), confirm the same. 

In quantitative terms, there were 19,400 registered buyers: foreign attendance was confirmed at about 8.400 international buyers arriving in Florence. The total number of visitors widely exceeded 30,000. 

Here is the ranking of the countries attending: Germany (907 buyer), Japan (825), Spain (640), UK (507), The Netherlands (435), China (385), France (363), Switzerland (296), Turkey (369), USA (276), South Korea (241), Belgium (268), Russia (219) Austria (174), Portugal (148), Sweden (144), Greece (128), Denmark (116), Poland (96) and Canada (77). 

“With regard to the data for Italy,” says Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, “we have to think about what has happened in our distribution system: classic retail has narrowed greatly, internal consumption has remained stationary… a buyer on a big digital platform purchases a lot more than a little boutique can order, even if it is of high quality.  Basically, these trends reflect the fair’s increasingly stable international leadership.” 


Annou Iyer

Milano Moda Design 2017
2017-04-04 The 10th edition of MILANO MODA DESIGN takes place from April 3rd to 9th; coordinated by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

The 10th edition of  MILANO MODA DESIGN takes place from April 3rd  to 9th and has been coordinated by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, grouping events by fashion brands presenting their Home Collections or hosting special events in collaboration with internationally renowned designers.

33 brands (Agnona, Louis Vuitton, Manuel Ritz, Paula Cademartori join the calendar for the first time), 50 events and 9 Home Collection presentations compose the calendar of Milano Moda Design, whose aim is to celebrate the union between fashion and design, two realities representing the excellence of Made in Italy.

You can experience the event through its website milanomodadesign.it and see the highlights from Milano Moda Design events through five exclusive videos that will be realized by the editors of MF Fashion.

- Annou Iyer


DeLightFuL – Design, Light, Future, Living
2017-03-22 SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017, 56th Edition

Following on from Before Design: Classic, Ciarmoli Queda Studio’s project dedicated to
exploring the concept of the classic presented at the 55th Salone del Mobile di Milano, for
the 2017 event the pair will be delving into at the world of contemporary design in their
inimitably original, unusual and exciting approach.

The result is DeLightFuL, a visual and sensory exploration of everyday living
and the contemporary space, reflecting on the new generations and investigating the new
ways in which they live in and conceive the domestic space: fluid and cross-cutting, a
balance between technology and archetypal living, between public and private, between
basic needs and new desires in a bid to achieve creativity and overturn the traditional
subdivisions into functional areas.

This approach to living beyond borders in a transitory and shared lifestyle is reality for the
under-36 year old Millennials, who today represents a quarter of the world's population.
Before the Millennials, nobody ever considered living space as a flexible and temporary
configuration capable of changing rapidly to meet changing needs, requirements and life
stages, in a generation that feels equally at ease in Milan or New York, living ever-more
mobile lives inside and outside the four walls of the home. The always-connected
Millennials are the generation of “me” and of social sharing. Surrounded by design, well
informed and with well-defined tastes, they seek personalisation and shun
standardisation; they care about quality, and have a concept of luxury that revolves
around “experience and authenticity”. This increasingly widespread trend is something
that we may define as “primitive luxury”.

“Primitive luxury” is a design approach that strikes a balance between today and
tomorrow; it is an evolution of the response to authentic, essential and primordial needs
expressed through a richness of precious and recherché materials, seductive forms, and
warm, welcoming solutions.

- Annou Iyer